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Meet Crystal

Hi, I’m Crystal!

I spent the beginning of my career in Real Estate and modeling. Whether I was selling someone a property or rehearsing for a commercial with another actor/model, I was always obsessed with helping people improve their lives and to be their best!

Everything changed for me when I took my sister, who had been a smoker since the age of 15, to a clinical hypnotherapist and in 30 days later she became a happy non-smoker. I saw the way he worked with the natural rhythms of her own mind to get rid of a habit that seemed impossible to kick, and to create a new subconscious pathway to feeling good about her new smoke-free self. That was 15 years ago...

At that point, I made a drastic change in my life. I spent the next few years studying and certifying in every modality that I believed could help transform people from being stuck to being magnificent! I graduated from one of the largest providers of holistic healthcare education in the country offering Holistic Health Education, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA earning my certifications in Transformational Life Coaching, and Clinical Hypnotherapy. I became a relentless of researcher of science-based techniques to help you use your mind to create your greatest happiness and achievement.

It’s been a decade and a half since I opened my first Transformational Coaching Practice in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Since then:

  • I have helped people who have been depressed their entire lives become depression-free.
  • I’ve assisted people get control of the destructive thought patterns to achieve freedom from debilitating anxiety.
  • I have helped people start over and find a new life, after a divorce or the death of someone they loved, when they didn’t think it was possible.
  • I’ve assisted people in losing weight using the power of their own mental programming.
  • I’ve helped people get clarity when faced with a major personal or career decision to make sure their decision is in alignment with their greatest destiny.

Life doesn’t come with a roadmap, but I give you the tools
to read your inner compass and make the right
changes so that you can follow your Destiny Path.


Together, we can change this and unleash the best you.

Move From:


The Strength to Change
Everything is Inside of You Now.

I’ve Created the Audio Programs That Will Help You Clear Your Messy Thinking and Start a New Subconscious Program of Success and Happiness

I use a combination of science-based techniques I've learned over the last decade and a half. These techniques hack into the mind programs that are keeping you from getting what you want. The audio programs guide you to naturally purge old patterns and programs in your brain that don’t serve you and help you create new thought patterns that help you get the life you want!

With the right guidance, you can literally change everything in your life. Make the decision right now--to start in a new direction.

Get My New Book!

You were born with a destiny. 
Your job is to discover it. Start this decade off knowing exactly how to ask for what you want and get it!

  • Start this decade off knowing exactly how to ask for what you want!
  • You’re probably smart, qualified, talented, and likable.
  • So WHY can’t you get the money success, job success, and the amazing relationships you want to have?
  • There is a 99% percent chance you don’t know how to ask for what you want—and that’s why you’re not getting it!
  • This isn’t a complicated process--it’s a simple gift that lies dormant within you—but it only happens when you deliberately learn how to ask and practice it in your life.
  • Our book will teach you everything you need to know to ask for and get the life you were destined for!