Our Approach

Crystal’s expertise is in the field of human potential

Crystal often works with clients who have already attempted and struggled with counseling or therapy for years. There are many unqualified Orange County life coach and therapists, who are often not sensitive to wasting the time and money of their customers without providing any real change.

So what makes us different?

Many coaches and Orange County hypnotherapist use only one specific method to attempt making changes in their clients. Crystal uses multiple techniques including hypnosis, NLP, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) help clients truly achieve the freedom and success that they are seeking.


Our approach is unlike any other.

Throughout the years, Crystal’s intensive studies and her own personal triumphs over enormous obstacles have led her to a life changing discovery which has allowed her to transcend every challenge and to reinvent herself time and time again. She discovered that all people operate on various levels of consciousness simultaneously, and in order to achieve successful change and transformation, the underlying issues must be addressed while integrating success programming and habits at all levels of consciousness.

The methods and teachings that this Orange County wellness speaker has incorporated into her private coaching and audio/video programs she’s created have allowed people to permanently get rid of thought patterns and habits that have hindered them from having, doing, and being all that they could. Commonly, people who have spent a great deal of their life struggling with depression, low confidence, self-esteem issues, fitness and weight issues, and money/career struggles encounter a new level of success and freedom using Crystal’s methods, all in a short period of time.

Crystal’s clients and fans of her books and audio teachings repeatedly say that their lives have been changed for the better, since integrating the principles of success, freedom, and pure thinking that the Orange County wellness coach encourages. The most powerful aspect of Crystal’s work is that she brings people to the awareness that even life’s toughest challenges can be changed to something that can serve your greatest success and life’s purpose.


With Crystal’s techniques, be prepared to enjoy a life change in ways you could have never imagined before.

        Please contact us at (602) 342-1402

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