June 03, 2010

Moving Through the Skinny Life: Fitting Movement into Your Life!

Wow! You’ve made it to the fourth week—the final count down! Moving Through the Skinny Life should begin to become easier for you every day. Over the last 3 weeks, we’ve learned how our movement routine effects us a whole, and Moving in the Skinny life could be the very thing that moves your life into high gear. Here’s a quick Review:

Mindful Movement: Moving in the Skinny Life Starts with Your Mind!: Our thought patterns are the foundation of our exercise routine. By shaking up your old thought patterns, you are dissolving your saboteurs to your best body ever!

Moving Through the Skinny Life: Movement University: Knowing how to incorporate both types of exercise into our busy lives, for the best results possible. We defined aerobic and anaerobic exercise with examples of each, and good exercise pairings.

Moving Through the Skinny Life: Motivation to Continue: It takes 30 days for a habit to become cemented into our subconscious. Why do you think it’s so hard to stick to a good eating regime and regular exercise? Last week we went through various strategies to conquer the boredom monster, and motivate ourselves again and again; exercise partners, digital journals and communities, rewarding ourselves.

Now we’re at the monumental mark this week will mark the 30 day marker on our habit calendar! What can we do to finish strong, and continue forward in our healthiest life ever?

Moving Through the Skinny Life is about what works for you, in your life, right now. Your “right now” could change from week to week, and especially over the course of a year. How do you keep a consistent movement program, when your life is in that constant state of change?

In order to continually get the best results possible, we have to make our movement a priority. I find that women especially have a problem with this concept! We think it’s selfish to take one hour for ourselves, to get our body in the best condition to serve our family, friends, and aspirations! How silly does that sound?

A few years ago I had a wonderful, nurturing client named Nikki. She was consumed with the responsibilities of motherhood, her growing career, and the relationships she was juggling. Coming to me one day, Nikki, who was normally cheery, appeared to be very upset. When we sat to talk about her life, which on the surface seemed incredible, I found out that Nikki couldn’t make herself be happy because of her weight. As Nikki explained the dilemma to me, she revealed that she once had a gym membership and belonged to a running club, but felt that taking that time for herself was wrong, because she wanted to spend that time with her family. Nikki’s weight wasn’t just affecting her physique, but it was wreaking havoc on her emotional and physical health!

We have all encountered that feeling of overwhelmed busy-ness in our lives. The truth of the matter is, if we don’t take some time for ourselves, we’ll quickly run the course of our usefulness to family and friends! You wouldn’t want a dentist to perform surgery on your mouth if he wasn’t 100% ready to go, would you? Now think to yourself, would anyone think less of me for taking care of myself? No, of course not!

Take that extra piece of “me-time” in the morning; think of exercise as essential as brushing your teeth. Consciously choose exercise at the beginning of your day. The hardest part of successfully losing weight and Living the Skinny Life, is actually doing it!

Did you know that who you hang out with, really matters? It’s no secret that there are multiple studies regarding the “you are who you hang around” theory. This couldn’t be truer than in our fitness lives! Assess your normal buddies, and enlist them to join you in a healthier lifestyle. Or, if you’re a social butterfly, begin to make friends with the workout water-cooler regulars!

Whether you’re a gym devotee, or glide down your local trail on your bike, there is always someone else there that frequents the place. Nothing boosts our moods more than making new friends and going on more adventures! Just like we talked about last week, enlist some workout buddies. Whether it’s running with your toddler in the stroller (you’ll be surprised how much they love it), or playing volleyball with your college buddies, make it a workout date!

Feeling the urge to pick up a bag of potato chips? Report to your workout buddy, call your spouse to distract yourself, or just go outside to take a walk around the neighborhood. Using purposeful distraction will help you assess if you were really hungry, just bored, or ANTSY. That’s right! When our bodies get antsy, our first reaction to calm it is to immediately revert back to previous patterns. What better way to do an honesty check, than to talk to a close friend and go for a zip around the block?

Either way, you’ll find that by replacing your nasty eating habits with life sustaining principles and memorable experiences you have not only beat the overeating bug, but you’ve also created a more fulfilled life!

Our homework this week is:

  • Continue our workout journals to track our progress, and reward our diligence.

  • Make ourselves a priority…working out first thing in the morning, and making a commitment to do it every day.
  • Schedule a workout date, with your dog, with your spouse, with your best friend, or with your neighbor…just make sure you stick to your commitment.
  • Find an accountability partner, to cement your newly formed habits into your life. Make a pact to be honest, and to share honestly with each other.

To sum it up keep you from mindless emotional binges, raise your mood, elevate your heart rate, and overall get you in better mental and physical shape. Exercise can act as the quieter of our thoughts, the very thing that points our focus back on ourselves for the better.

One of the most important things we can do when we embrace an important life change is to begin to change our identity at every level of consciousness so we become the change we are wanting…from the inside out. We really want to focus on letting go of the old identity and embracing a brand new one as we make a decision to change our life and live the Skinny Life lifestyle.

Here’s to your new life and beautiful health,


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