Why I teach my clients to meditate

Science is now proving what long time practitioners of meditation have known for centuries. Meditation could be the single most powerful tool for eliminating stress-related conditions and psychiatric disturbances such as depression, hyperactivity, and ADD. Sophisticated brain imaging shows that meditation actually resets the brain.

What significant changes happen in my life when I meditate?
People who meditate consistently enjoy more happiness and contentment in every aspect of their lives. They also experience an ability to be more calmly focused on activities and tasks, that must be done, resulting in greater productivity.

Benefits of Meditation
Better physical health and stamina are some of the innumerable benefits of meditation. People who practice regular meditation also experiences less anxiety and stress in their lives. Meditators also experience heightened awareness, and a sense of well-being and harmony.

When used regularly meditation can become the most stabilizing practice a person can employ. It is in a meditative state that one ceases to exist only in the ego state, where all psychological pain and suffering occur. One begins to truly experience a higher state of consciousness. It is in this higher state of consciousness that a person truly moves into his or her highest spiritual state.

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