April 11, 2010

Living the Skinny Life: Overeating Can Eat You Up!

Do you have a pair of skinny jeans? Or an ideal weight pictured in your mind? What keeps you from fitting into either of those ideals?

How do the following words make you feel: Obesity… Exercise… Diet…

For most people, those are loaded words that cause a tsunami of emotions that include fear, anger, shame, and depression. It’s true, overeating is an extremely touchy subject and that should come as no surprise. For the first time in history, we are featuring an Epidemic of Obesity, where most adults are expected to outlive their children! And that isn’t saying much either

We are far from the path of healthy living. What has triggered this onset of bad habits?

When I first consult with a client about their weight and eating problems, I assess the underlying reasons that cause us to mentally choose this repeated cycle of behavior. Over eating can be happening from an accumulation of internal problems we may not be aware of. The three most common triggers for overeating are number one: emotions, number two:stress, and thirdly: just the convenience of having food around us everywhere we turn.

Let’s take a minute to identify each of these.

Emotional Eating- You can identify yourself as an emotional eater if you use food to comfort yourself. Food IS nurturing for your body, IF you are eating sensibly. We feel down, unloved, unwanted, or unworthy so we overeat to fill the empty space. The problem is, the empty space is NOT physical, yet we’re trying to fill that empty space in a physical way, with the food we consume! It goes from being nurturing from our body to overwhelming our body.

Stress Eating- Many people resort to overeating in an attempt to stay on top of their stress drain. They are trying to charge through their day and keep up with all the demands of life but feeling too depleted to do so. So they eat…and often. Eating often wouldn’t be a problem, if they were utilizing Skinny Life eating habits; unfortunately they grab what’s most convenient at the time, even though in the long run it inconveniences them with disease, lower self esteem, and a wider waist. If you reach for the snack drawer when a deadline is approaching, you’re a stress eater!

Convenience Eating- In developed countries like the US there is simply more than enough food…everywhere you turn. The most available, accessible food is usually the lowest quality of food…fast food. It typically contains the highest amount of calories and the lowest amount of nutrition. Unfortunately, the ready availability of foods surrounding us causes us to eat recreationally…yes we eat simply as a pastime. We eat to alleviate boredom. We eat to be sociable; everyone else is eating so we go along to make our host, or our friends, or the people around us feel comfortable.

How can we fight the battle of the Bulge? By living The Skinny Life!

This month, I’m going to give you the tools to transform your inner eating habits, so that you can transform your outer appearance. I call it The Skinny Life, because being fit should fit into your lifestyle!

The first step to tackling your inner Skinny Saboteur, is to identify what type of eater you are.

For the next week, I want you to write down what you eat, when you’re eating it, and how you felt before, during, and after you ate your foods of choice.

Why put in that much work? Because your worth it! And to prove to you that your worth it, I’m going to have a contest at the end of the month. Whoever sends me the most comprehensive eating journal that shows a steady progression of habit changes is going to receive a SUPER cool prize.

I’m looking forward to changing your body, your health, and your life! Join me in The Skinny Life!

13 Responses to “Living the Skinny Life: Overeating Can Eat You Up!”

  1. Cyrus Adkins says:

    Thanks for the great post! You have a new fan.

  2. insanity says:

    Great information here. Thanks for sharing again!

  3. zegarki says:

    Yes, that is true, I agree with you, but I am not sure if there are no other options.

  4. Hindi sms says:

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  5. Most the stress that we encounter is due to the fact that we are either trying to change something or prevent something from changing.

  6. vegas says:

    My relationship with her father is not good. He regularly drops comments on me about my character, beliefs, etc. I have had a really hard time with it. Today, he asked us to go out for dinner and I accepted his invitation. I had a conversation with my girlfriend and her mom about him (the father). The conversation became somewhat heated and I decided to leave. I came back in to get my sweater and he kindly said “so when is the last time you ate at this place?”.

  7. Hello. Great job, if I wasn’t so busy with my school work I read your total site. Thanks!

  8. ok thanks to your fool proof instructions my first ever comment – well done dar!!

  9. In certain situation or sucumstances stress works well to humanbeings,can some one describe why and how and when ?

  10. Valuable information and excellent design you got here! I would like to thank you for sharing your thoughts and time into the stuff you post!! Thumbs up!

  11. …and was told I had learned violent behavior from having been physically abused when I was younger. I will just admit to it…I used to hit my mom. I have stopped however, and will never do it again. I no longer get those urges. However…I still snap. Sometimes she will say the simplest thing and I just snap. Like earlier she said she was not taking me to orientation at school. I don’t know why but I felt hurt when she said that. I felt like she was saying it to hurt me.

  12. Christina says:

    As long as you credit Crystal and link back to her blog, you are welcome to reblog and quote her.

  13. Great, I have already bookmarked your this page…Now I don’t have enough time for read but by reading beginning part I must say…it was a positive start .. Would love to read further too…Thanks for great post!

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