April 22, 2010

Living The Skinny Life: Eating Your Way Skinny Part 1-What Not to Eat.

Let’s face it, life is too short to cover our bodies with baggy clothes, and sit on the couch eating potato chips while we watch the latest heart breaking episode of our favorite soap opera! Life is exciting, offering us adventure around every corner! Are you equipping your body with the energy it needs to face every day of this adventure?

The biggest farce that I can hope to dispel today is that eating healthy is BORING. If you think that eating healthy is boring, you must think that feeling sluggish, getting sick, and watching your waist line grow is exciting, right? Well that’s the consequences of a poor diet. Consider this for a moment—all of the foods that are killing you are made of genetically altered versions from the original ingredients.

Feeding your body non-nutritious and fatty foods causes numerous problems with our health that force us to live lower quality lives. Besides that, don’t you ever get tired of being tired? Doesn’t the oversaturated taste of fake food get boring to you? Don’t let convenience stand in the way of your best eating habits, and a sexy body for life!

The Skinny Life is about making simple choices that we can incorporate every day. The problem with most “diets” is that they are a temporary solution to a life long struggle.

Last week I had you start your food journal, and this week I’m going to teach you about what NOT to eat. This is an easy group, because in The Skinny Life there are so many MORE foods that you CAN eat!

First on the list: The Whites. You know what I’m talking about! Refined white breads, rice, and sugars. You’ve heard this all before, so I’ll keep it brief. These foods originally started from nutritious ingredients, but those ingredients are stripped down until they have little to no nutritional value. In fact, when you consume The Whites, your leaving your body in the internal war zone! It causes your sugar to spike, and then drop quickly, causing you to eat more again and again; it actually depletes your body of essential vitamins and minerals to digest The Whites too! This causes your body to go into “survivor” mode, and store everything you digest as fat—especially around your organs. To top it off, when you finally get done processing The Whites, it leaves a sticky starchy paste in your gut, keeping you from healthily digesting the foods that are good for you. That means that even if you try to eat something nutritious after you binge on that candy bar, it still gets stored in your fat cells! Yuck!

Let’s move on to the second, and last, fat-culprit: Unsaturated and Trans-Fat, that is! The subject of “fat” is generally a sensitive subject—but let’s face it, until you conquer the bad fats in your life, you can’t live The Skinny Life! So what are Saturated fats? Saturated fats are found in palm kernel oil, palm oil, and coconut oil, as well as animal products, such as whole milk and fatty beef cuts. (Please note, that this does not in any way mean I am encouraging you to stop eating dairy products or meat; I’m encouraging you to eat the leaner versions of your favorites!) Trans fats are man created preservative fats. They are added to many foods that are commercially fried like French fries, as well as those that are commercially packaged to extend the shelf life such as frozen foods, microwave popcorn, cookies, and sugary snacks. Saturated and trans fats are directly linked to higher rates of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and higher blood pressure—all the more reason to cut back!

I know what you’re thinking—“Crystal, you told me this Skinny Life was going to be small changes.” And it is. Eating foods such as The Whites, and the Bad Fats is addictive, and easy to reach for—it’s become a habit for you, and I understand how hard it’s going to be to kick that habit in the butt.

Last week I assigned an eating diary to you, so that you could identify your inner eater. Now that you know what triggers your bad eating habits, this week I’m going to assign you 2 tasks.

The first task is to make the conscious choice, just once a day, to obstain from eating The Whites and The Bad Fats. Instead, I suggest that you pick up a pre-cut, pre-washed bag of vegetables or fruits to munch down on. Drink some water instead of soda. Or go for a 15 minute walk when you feel bored or stressed out. Just ONCE a day.

The second task is that you continue to journal incorporating writing down your daily small victories. When you celebrate your accomplishments in life, you’ll find yourself more motivated to continue! And if you keep your journal diligently, there’s a prize at the end of the road!

You’ll find that these easy changes in your life will become easier and easier. You’ll rediscover the rich taste of whole foods, the incredible energy of good eating and moderate activity, and the freedom healthy living gives you!

Congratulate yourself on taking this step! I’m celebrating with you!


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