Emotional Freedom Technique

What is Energy Therapy?

energy therapyEverything that exists in nature at its most basic level is energy. Even our emotions, thoughts, and actions have an energetic quality and therefore create an energetic force or residue in our own lives and the lives of those around us. When we experience negative emotions, as all of us will in this lifetime, that negative emotional energy literally becomes stuck in the physical, mental and emotional systems within us. These negative patterns that continue to run through our systems without being cleared, can start to sabotage our success and effectiveness in many areas of our lives. Negative emotional patterns literally create blocks that interfere with our natural God-given ability to heal our lives and create the joyful, successful, experiences that we desire.

What is EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique?

Gary Craig, a Stanford graduate in electrical engineering, developed the protocol called Emotional Freedom Technique. He studied under the original founder, Roger J. Callahan Ph.D., of a method of protocols or sequential tapping on key energy meridian points in the body. EFT works by discharging chemicals that the brain naturally releases into the body when we experience a negative emotion or stimulus. It releases, on a biochemical level, blockages in the cell pathways that can otherwise keep someone locked into their physical, emotional, and psychological pain. Often, this technique is miraculously effective in eliminating, in a short period of time, issues for people who have only experienced a minimal amount of improvement through long term psychological counseling.

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